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Design idea


Okay, this one was totally Paula's idea. She is the one that brought this to my attention, and thanks to her I now have a "cute" printer stand made out of pallets left over from a job site. There are a couple things about making things out of old wood pallets. For the most part the material is FREE, if you look on Craigslist there are always people trying to get rid of pallets, and if you drive around town you can always see them stacked here and there. But I would encourage you to ask for them. I have some vendors that charge me a fifteen dollar deposit for each and others that just want me to throw them away. If you Google images of wood pallet furniture I am sure there is something in there you would love to try and build. And with the great weather we have here in our valley it is a good way to have a family project and spend quality time with your love ones.

Like always safety first so don't forget those safety glasses when working with tools............ Good luck!